Hotel Solution

Transform traditional
accommodation industry
into IT based solution

To reach more customers at a lower cost
Preferred Partner
First Integration in Korea
First Integration in Korea
Aws Champion
Expedia API partner

No more looking for customers from afar.

Booking Engine provides direct access to customers.

Korea’s first hotel partnership with the world’s largest search engine Google

Hotel's official website will be exposed through Google's general search, Google hotel, and Google map due to ONDA's booking engine integration

Best effect with minimum cost, lowest fee in the world

You can maximize your profit with a lower commission method than existing online sales channels.

Customized website, high-quality photography and video shooting

You can easily create a customized website with high-quality photos and video support.

Easily book online with multiple payment methods

Domestic and foreign credit cards and simple payment services, direct deposit, etc.Various payment methods are supported.

Support for multi-lingual and overseas payment services

Facilitate customer convenience through payment in foreign currencies, etc. With multilingual support and overseas payments, you can easily attract customers from overseas.

Maximize inventory management efficiency through Onda channel manager

Duplicate reservations can be minimized in the management of various OTA sales channels.
Major Channels
Four major OTA integrated
auto connect
Automatic integration of rates and inventory with simple settings
rate plan
Offer a variety of rate plans and promotion plans to increase your online sales

How to sell to multiple channels simultaneously with just one contract

You can maximize your profit with a lower commission method than existing online sales channels.
One-click sales to 34 domestic and international channels
No more cumbersome process of contracting and managing each OTA
Best booking rate with lowest commission rate
Experience more room sales with reasonable fees through GDS online sales service.
professional & digital marketing

Do you want online marketing that is essential for your hotel?

We propose through consulting so that the hotel can be advertised more effectively.
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Influencer Marketing
Performance Marketing
Google Hotel Ads