Google hotel D2C that directly meets customers
We are creating a good tomorrow for the lodging industry with new values.
increase in advertising
costs (advanced
- Inaccurate customer info
- fee increase
- BRG requirements
customer direct
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D2C(Direct Booking)
직접 만나는 구글 호텔 D2C
Google Hotel은 고객이 OTA를 거치지 않고 호텔을 직접 만나는 D2C(Direct Booking) 솔루션입니다.
광고비 증가(경쟁 심화)
고객정보 부정확
수수료 인상 BRG 요구
고객 직접 예약
객실 관리의 주체
D2C(Direct Booking)
There is no need to change the PMS.
It is possible to introduce Google Hotel without changing the PMS or RMS currently used by the hotel.
Up to 80% reduction in fees compared to OTA.
Use Booking Engine and Extranet at the lowest fees in the industry.
Maximize your OBS* revenue.
Maximize sales through Onda's existing GDS / CMS channels and hotel management solutions.
*OBS(Online Booking Solution)
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Accommodation industry response strategy in the era of with Covid-19
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From the prospect of Google Hotel to its role in the market
Frequently Asked Questions
Why do you need Hotel D2C (Direct to Customer)?

If you directly secure customers from the hotel's own website (D2C) rather than an external platform, there are three direct benefits: saving commissions, securing your own customer DB (CRM marketing is possible), and free product composition. D2C is a core competitiveness that determines whether a hotel can be self-sufficient or not, without being dependent on the ‘platform’ in the online ecosystem. Google Hotel provided by Onda is a ‘D2C channel’ that opens the way for customers to make a reservation directly on the hotel website.

What are the strengths of Google Hotels compared to existing accommodation platforms?

By giving the 'official site' badge, it can be displayed at the top of Free Booking Links. If it has price competitiveness compared to OTA, it is advantageous for D2C (Direct to Customer) sales.

What payment methods will customers use at Google Hotels?

When a customer clicks a link in Google Hotel, it goes to the hotel's official site and payment is made on the official site. Credit cards are supported.

What are Google Hotel ads?

This is an advertisement product that exposes hotel information and rates on Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Assistant. You can receive direct reservations from the hotel’s official website through ‘Free Booking Links’ provided by Google. If you search for a hotel name on Google, various OTAs that are selling the room are exposed. In the competition for exposure, top exposure is possible through Google Hotel Ads.

Is it necessary to sign up for Google Hotel ads to use Google Hotel?

Not required. However, when using Google Hotel Ads, it can help increase sales as it is exposed to the top.

I have more questions about Google Hotel, Onda!

Please contact the hotel IT consulting manager. ( We will respond quickly!

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